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Awesome Eats in Atlanta, Georgia: Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles

So this past weekend I went up to Atlanta to hang out with my friend Richard, and see The Pixies.

I made him take me to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles.

I had seen the restaurant on the travel channel, and knew that I had to go there while I was spending some time in the ATL.

The outside of the building isn’t overly impressive, it’s a little bit run down looking from the side, but the neon sign is pretty classy. It’s located on Peachtree in Atlanta, in the midtown area. It’s an easy enough place to get to, even if the parking nearby is a little bit on the expensive side at night. But that’s not even a big deal, cause when you’re going to a fancy restaurant that’s open till 4 am on Saturdays, it’s nice to not have to park far away in a big city.

That’s right, it’s a fancy place.

It’s really nice on the inside, with big comfy booth seating, and dimmed lighting that gives the whole place a wonderful feeling of class. I pretty much loved the inside, it just made you feel like you were eating at a respectable establishment, which is the sort of treatment that southern foods don’t get as much as they should. Which isn’t to say that southern foods aren’t respectable, as a southern boy myself I have a keen love for many things chickeny, and I love grits. It’s just most of the time you get such foods at places like Waffle House, which are sketchy to say the least.

I ordered the signature meal, the Midnight Train.

One giant waffle, and four giant fried chicken wings.

I also got a side order of cheese grits, cause like I said before I’m a good ole southern boy.

These were easily the biggest chicken wings I’d ever had. Honestly I’m used to the tiny wings that you get at wings places fore takeout, or the tiny ones you get as appetizers. But these were huge. I only managed to finish two.

They were pretty good, unbattered, the flavor was more natural than most wings I’ve had, there was a little bit of the seasoning flavor, but the chicken did a lot of the work. As you’re having chicken with your waffle it is custom to have syrup with both, and that’s what made the chicken really work.

While I liked the chicken, I loved the waffle.

I’d consider myself a connoisseur of waffles, I love Waffle House with all my heart, I love waffle cones, waffle fries, and consider the Belgian Waffle to be the best thing that has ever come out of Belgium.

So it’s no exaggeration when I saw that Glads Knights waffle was superb. The waffles there are malted, so they taste a little bit different than your average waffle, and it seemed a little bit more dense, but it was delicious. It was a soft and fluffy waffle, which I prefer to the alternate crispy style. Wonderful, and mouthgasmic with butter and syrup.

I can easily recommend the restaurant on the strength of their waffle alone.

But I don’t have too; cause they’ve got a great atmosphere, and good chicken, not to mention an entire menu of other appetizing foods and deserts.

I can easily say that I’ll be going back next time I’m up in the ATL.


Biscuit Gravy Cheeseburger

I’m gonna start this one by putting it all out front.

I love Waffle House.

El Casa De Waffle-o.

Their waffles are on the list of my favorite, mouthgasmic foods. I love the sketchy atmosphere, the sometimes creepy employees, the questionable sanitation, and the crazy songs about raisin toast they have on their jukeboxes.

It was a little after midnight when Drew, Alec, and I went to waffle house for some late night foodstuffs. I remembered reading a post on Grocery Eats about a biscuit and gravy cheeseburger. Essentially a cheeseburger with a biscuit for a bun, with some gravy on it.

I figured that would be worth trying, but unfortunately the waffle house we went too isn’t the best with having it your way and wouldn’t just make me a biscuit with a hamburger patty. So I just ended up getting their dollar cheeseburger with tomato and a side of biscuit gravy, cause I figured I like buns more than biscuits anyways.

So it was pretty much just a cheeseburger with onions, tomato, a smidgen of mayo, and biscuit gravy.

In a word: AWESOME.

I don’t know why they just don’t offer this as an actual menu item. It’s like a wonderful combination of lunch an breakfast, all in one sandwich. It tastes like what you’d expect biscuit gravy to taste like on a cheeseburger, but it’s one of those things, where you just can’t believe it isn’t more prevalent. The tomato though, really holds together the whole thing, it provides a nice mellow base to an unhealthy item.

Why don’t they just add this to the menu and call it the Country Breakfast Burger or something like that?

The world may never know…