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TNA Wrestling at Universal Studios


So I took a trip to Universal Studios Orlando yesterday.

I haven’t been to Universal in a number of years for anything but Halloween Horror Nights; 2006 might have been the last time I was there proper.

I went with four friends from work, Jay, Kato, Alec, and Adrian.

Since it was a Tuesday, and not during a vacation season, the two parks weren’t all that crowded, most of the rides had lines of 10 minutes or less, which made the day super awesome.

We did Islands of Adventure, in the first half of the day, and then went to the studio.

First thing I noticed is that Nickelodeon Studios is closed.

I guess it closed a while ago, but I had no idea. It’s weird, when you’re a kid, Nickelodeon is such a huge part of the Universal and now it is a building for The Blue Man Group. Not as Fun.

But it turned out that TNA Wrestling was filming a show that day in one of the studio buildings, and my friend Kato loves wrestling.

He loves wrestling as much as I love terrible movies.

I’ve never seen professional wrestling live before, and I have to say it was pretty amusing. I was into wrestling when I was 10 or so and would watch it on Saturday nights on TV, but that phase of my television viewing history didn’t last too long. I could just never really get into the silly story lines and rivalries, and never really got into the actually wrestling beyond the shenanigans and chair hitting.

TNA Wrestling is from my understanding a considerably smaller operation than the WWE, WCW, ECW, and various other acronyms were/are. I guess they get a lot of the wrestlers who don’t want to be a part of WWE anymore, so they’ve got a few faces I recognized from my childhood. Like STING, and HULK HOGAN!

Honestly when I was younger I never realized that Sting was just a dude who saw The Crow too many times and had a scorpion on his shirt.

Never really noticed the similarities when I was younger

Sting was wearing a Sting shirt. Kinda lazy promotion really. I know he’s not nearly as famous as he once was, but come on, wearing your own shirt?

At one point there were two dudes with Mohawks wrestling!


Hulk Hogan showed up at the end to call Ric Flair a cheater, he tried to win using brass knuckles. OMG!

Then he spent a few minutes posing and talking about the pay per view event that was coming up, not the coolest thing ever, but still it isn’t everyday you get to see The Hulkster.


So while I’m not really into the whole wrestling thing at all anymore, I did enjoy my TNA experience a whole lot. It was fun, silly, and full of body slams.

My only complaint is that nobody pulled a RAM JAM.