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FREEDOMERICA DAY – 4th of July Fireworks

So cause around these here parts we support FREEDOM, and AMERICA, and FIREWORKS we documented some of our shenanigans on the fourth of July 2010.

Many of the crazier looking pictures were achieved using a blatant disregard for safety, string, and duct tape combined with a long shutter speed on my Canon 7D.

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First Attempt at Light Painting

So after doing some research about it on the interwebs I decided to take my first shot at light painting.

That’s when you take your camera out somewhere really dark, and with an open shutter draw crazy designs in the air with a light source.

What follows is a small gallery of some shots I took using some sparklers. It was me, a friend, a vacant lot in the woods, and my Canon 7D.

They’re not nearly as cool as some of the more advanced techniques and pics you can see online, but it’s a start.

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GWAR at Bonnaroo 2010

So GWAR played a 2:30 AM set at Bonnaroo this year.

You know, Bonnaroo, the giant music festival in Tennessee where thousands of hippies and dirty people with dreadlocks gather to listen to music and trip out on tons of drugs.

Yeah GWAR played there this year, and it was awesome!

They rocked, there was tons of blood, Space Michael Jackson had his face ripped off, there was dismemberment, more blood, Obama showed up and in typical GWAR fashion sprayed blood everywhere, Margaret Cho got killed, and the was evil mutant baby impalement, an evil space pope, and then some blood sprayed everywhere.

Here’s some pics.

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So we all know about Banksy right?

Guy’s pretty much the most famous street artist around. Often imitated,  the guy pretty much made modern street art into the weird popular thing that it is today. I mean half the cool stuff of his is the reason I decided to try to get into stenciling and wheatpasting.

Banksy has made a movie. It’s a documentary that’s kinda about himself, but not really. It’s called Exit Through The Gift Shop.

I saw it this past weekend at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, and have to say it’s pretty awesome.

The film is really about this guy Thierry Guetta, who loved to film everything in his life. He was the sort of dude who would just have a camera on him, filming, almost 24/7, not for any real reason besides the fact that he felt compelled to do so. He’s kinda a wacky French dude, with a funny accent, some awesome facial hair, and he might be a boat-full of crazy. And he may not even be a real dude.

Thierry Guetta

He happens to be cousins with a French street artist known as Space Invader, and managed to convince his cousin to let him film him at work.

So he becomes more and more interested in street art, filming various artists, until he becomes sort of an unofficial documentarian of the street art underground. He meets various famous artists and goes around following them with his camera, but he find Banksy elusive.

You get a feel for how obsessed Thierry becomes, he apparently has thousands of tapes of just random footage, from years of taping. He’s kinda a weird guy. Eventually by providence he meets Banksy, they go around L.A. together and become companions after Banksy pulls his infamous Disneyland stunt.

So they go around together Guetta filming, Banksy letting him be document his exploits, under the condition that his face never be seen. It’s all very adventurous. Eventually Banksy tells Guetta that he should actually turn his footage into a movie, and when he does it’s supposedly a huge P.O.S.

So then Banksy takes the reigns and makes the rest of the film about Guetta’s rise as a street artist known as Mr. Brainwash. He becomes wildly successful despite the fact that much of his body of work is done by others and cannibalizes all sorts of styles and concepts. The film then documents Mr. Brainwash’s first giant art opeing in L.A., peppered with people’s opinions and various anecdotes.

The whole thing is pretty amusing, cause there’s always the sense that the entire film could be one giant hoax. Guetta is such a strange dude, and he seems kinda like a buffoon. But it is a documentary, and Guetta did sell almost a million dollars in art at his L.A. show. It’s just crazy how just by mostly copying the ideas of others, and in what seems to be a mostly random creation process, he creates stuff that sell for huge amounts.

Banksy says at one point: There’s no one like Thierry, even though his art looks like everyone else’s.

We never actually see Theirry do any real creating on his own, and whenever he’s asked questions by reporters he always gives some rambling, strange answer about how he is an artist. He always just comes across as more of a crazy dude than anything else.

It might be a giant piece of documented performance art.

The movie is unbelievably meta. It’s about the street art word, and it might be the artistic sabotage of that same street art world by someone who helped create it. We’re never sure if Banksy is really a person or a collective of artists, but the movie helps to spread the myth, the story, into the pop culture. The movie blurs the lines of what’s real and what’s been faked, and it does it brilliantly. You’re never sure what part of the story is something that might have been staged, might have been one giant, elaborate joke upon the art community.


Banksy stays hidden in the shadows the entire time, and by the end we don’t really know anything more about him than when it started.We just know that in doing what started out as subversive art, helped create a popular, money making movement, one that isn’t immune to his own subversion.

How much of this documentary is true, we might never know, and it’s not really worth the trouble wondering, cause honestly that’s half the point. Either the truth is stranger than fiction, or it’s all a big hoax, either way we’ve been shamed at least a little.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is a great, intriguing documentary about the world of street art, it’s funny, it’s satirical, and it may or may not be at least partially true.

Peelander Z at Common Grounds – Gainesville, Fl – April 23, 2010

So I went to see the band Peelander Z at Common Grounds last Saturday night.

They’re a Japanese punk rock band, that wear brightly colored outfits, have costumes, and have a great deal of audience involvement. There’s a giant squid, limbo, crowd surfing, chants, hand motions, silly wigs, conga lines, loud punk music, multiple choice song selection, and they gave out drumsticks and various pans to hit.

It was incredible fun and full of joyous spectacle.

They’re pretty awesome to say the least, if you ever have a chance to check them out live I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Here’s a bunch of pictures:

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