MacGruber is pretty awesome

Ok so I’m not much of a fan of SNL. Any time I’ve tried watching the show in the last decade or so, I’ve been met with a horror like experience of anti-laughter.

I do love The Lonely Island, and I love what they’ve brought to the show, with the advent of digital shorts, and new videos, there’s certainly been an improvement.

I have enjoyed more SNL movies than most people though. I think Superstar is pretty funny, love Night at The Roxbury, and enjoy both Wayne’s World movies. Everyone has different tastes in comedy, I try not to judge people based on theirs, cause mine is kinda strange.

As for MacGruber I went in with mild expectations. I don’t really care for Will Forte all that much, I hadn’t seen anything regarding the character except those Pepsi commercials, but the trailer looked amusing enough. It’s got Val Kilmer as the bad guy, so that’s awesome, Powers Boothe as a general, also awesome, and Ryan Phillippe, who doesn’t seem to have aged since Way of The Gun, also awesome. So I felt confident enough about various elements of the movie that I was willing to spend 10 bucks to see it.

I can’t say I was disappointed.

MacGruber plays like a 1980’s action film with a comedy bent. It’s also wildly hilarious at times.

The movie wisely keeps MacGruber a consistent character, he starts the movie as a spaz, and pretty much ends the movie as a spaz, even though he saves the day, they don’t bother throwing in any lessons, morals, or sappy character moments. He’s an ex military superstar who gets sucked back in for one more mission when Val Kilmer steals a nuke and threatens to blow up Washington DC.

The plot is pretty straightforward and progresses about the same as your average 80’s action move. There’s even an “Assembling The Team” montage that ends with a pretty awesome moment. There’s shooting, there’s explosions, and there’s an amazing soundtrack full of soft rock songs.

The movie progresses along with Will Forte muggin, and acting ridiculous. There’s a few sequences that have Kristen Wiig dressed up in disguises that are pretty great. She pulls of wearing a beard mustache combo quite well actually.

There’s some great gross out gags, lots of swearing, and probably the best comedy sex scene ever. It’s an amazing joke so great they use it twice in a row. It’s amazing both times.

There’s even some good ole fashioned violence. MacGruber enjoys ripping out people’s throats in comedic ways, it’s satisfying in a funny horrible way. Cause he enjoys doing it just as much as the audience enjoys seeing it.

As you can see from that, some of the movie skews to the darker side of comedy. There’s a joke about why Val Kilmer’s character Dieter Von Cunth hates MacGruber that is so dark it even kinda clashes with some of the more lighthearted darkness of the rest of the movie. It’s funny, but I was all like “DAMN.”

Sure Macgruber is a little rough around the edges, not all the jokes hit, but a lot more do than don’t. It’s not one of the best comedies of all time or anything, but I can easily see myself watching it again with a bunch of friends in the future.

It’s easily one of the better comedies of 2010.

It’s a gross, profane, hilarious movie that acts as a great send up of the classic 80’s action movies that we all cherish, and it works.

I’m glad I spent 10 bucks to see it.

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