Mars Pub and Laser Tag – Gainesville, Fl

Last Tuesday some friends and I went to Mars Pub and Laser Tag.

It’s a new bar off of University Ave in Gainesville.

They’ve got things that pretty much all College students can enjoy. Super cheap beer, and Laser Tag. Gainesville, while having plenty of places to buy beer, has only one other place to play laser tag, which is at a bowling alley on the other side of town from Mars Pub, and it’s never even been open when I’ve gone to that bowling alley. So Mars Pub has the distinguished honor of having the best laser tag in town.

The pub itself is a narrow place, they’ve got a few tables, some stools, a comfy couch, and a few arcade machines. They’ve got an Area 51/Maximum Force combo machine, which makes just about any establishment better.

The people who run the place all seemed pretty nice, the bar was attentive, and the atmosphere is fun, in short it’s already one of the better places in the downtown Gainesvegas area.

While I was there I tried the cheapest beer they had on special, which was a can of Genesee Cream Ale or a Genny Cream if you will. It’s about as bad as any other beer I’ve ever had, but the prospect of a 50 cent can of beer seem like an adventure I had to partake in. It also left me with 50 cents in change to play Maximum force with, so it was convenient too! But for those of you who actually enjoy beer, they’ve got a number of different types on draft or in bottles too, so you can make sure that you’re already having a good time before you even get to the lasers.

The laser tag itself is in a side area adjacent to the pub, and is actually larger than the pub area itself. The whole place is black light and colored with crazy designs and full of various obstacles. The layout is pretty good with neither playing side having a clear advantage.

They drop you in for about 10 minutes and you run around shooting your friends with abandon, ducking behind walls and barrels and generally engaging in various laser fuel shenanigans. It’s fun there’s loud techno-y music that plays while you’re shooting, and everyone has fun. There’s not more that you ask for.

During the game they tally how many points you get from shooting various people, and they give you a score card showing who the best on bother teams were, which is cool cause everyone loves bragging rights.

So pretty much if you’re looking for a fun night in downtown Gainesville, I can easily recommend Mars Pub and Laser Tag. It’s a chill place, with nice people working there, they’ve got drinks, they’ve got Area 51, and they’ve got Laser Tag.

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