Timecrimes is easily the best movie in the entirety of the “Spanish Dude Messes With Time Travel” genre. It’s also one of the best time travel movies out there. It’s much less of a mindfuck that the brilliant Primer, cause it makes more sense, but it follows different time travel rules.

Timecrimes is the story of a guy named Hector. One day he’s sitting in the back yard of his new country home with a pair of binoculars, looking out into the woods and stuff. He’s sees this chick pulling her top off, and goes up the hill behind his house to check out what’s going on. That’s when you can tell the movie is going to follow a nice logical plot progression, cause ‘dude sees boobies, then dude gets into trouble‘ is pretty much a perfect starting point for any plot.

When he finds the lady, she’s passed out next to a rock, naked, and he’s like “What’s going on here?”. He then promptly gets stabbed by this guy.

Understandably Hector freaks out, runs off through the woods, and then comes upon a fenced science-y facility not far from his new home. He breaks in, and after being chased by ‘Mr. Scary Bandage Face‘, winds up meeting a scientist/intern guy who helps him hide in a big, enclosed, metal tub in a lab. Which turns out to be a sort of precursor to the ‘Hot Tub Time Machine‘ and he winds up about one hour in the past.

From there Hector ends up seeing himself still at his house, and has do whatever he can to ensure that he makes it into the time tub, so he doesn’t ruin everything. Shenanigans of the dubious type ensue.

The best thing is that movie takes place in what appears to be a time loop of about an hour or so, so it follows it’s own timeline quite logically, and the rules it sets forth work well. It doesn’t follow The Terminator or Back to The Future rules, it follows the “The Past Has Already Happened, So Whatever You Do There Will Be What Happened Already” rules, and sticks to them. So while twisty the plot never crumbles upon itself and the movie work remarkably well.

One of the best movies about time travel out there.

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