The Two Reasons Why “Predators” Is Gonna Be Fucking Sweet

So yeah the new trailer for PREDATORS showed up online today, it looks pretty cool.

Here’s an embed.

OK. So Fine, there’s some bad dudes and a chick stuck on a predator hunting planet, sounds pretty cool, Danny Tejo is there, which is sweet, and then I guess the predators try to kill them. They’ll probably be cliches and I’m pretty sure parts of it will be stupid, but I don’t care, cause I love the Predator, and Predator 2.

Fuck AVP.

Also Fuck AVP 2

So Reason #1 why Predators stands a pretty decent chance of being awesome:


FUCK YEAH! Does he look angry/constipated or what!?!

REASON NUMBER 2: The Predator has a fucking Mount.

I rest my case.

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